Four Factors To Consider Before Buying A Pressure Washer

Four Factors To Consider Before Buying A Pressure Washer

The pressure washer technology has advanced tremendously over the years. The advancement has paved the way for the machine’s high efficiency and durability levels. For example, the latest motor innovation allows the machine to be so powerful that cleaning stubborn dirt is easy.

Furthermore, a pressure washing machine is a must-have for every business or home. The critical point to consider is that if you buy the wrong one, you may not enjoy its benefits. However, the right machine can make your cleaning procedures efficient. Below are factors to consider before buying a pressure washing machine.

1. The type of pressure washer

Generally, there are two primary pressure washing machines. They include gas pressure washing machines and electric pressure washing machines. The gas pressure washers usually come with wheels that ensure portability. It means that you can carry the devices wherever you want to. The only limitation is that they need proper and regular maintenance to ensure efficiency and durability.

The electric-powered devices are relatively powerful. Their best merit is that they are very quiet, portable, versatile, and low maintenance. The only limitation is that you can only use it in places with a power cord.

Thus, before buying your washer, you have to decide whether you want an electric-powered one or a gas-powered one. Furthermore, weighing in the merits and demerits can help you decide.

2. The life expectancy of the pump

The life expectancy of a pressure washer should be one of the top things you need to consider. Life expectancy refers to the number of hours the pump can work per dollar spent during the machine’s life.

If you want the machine for the home cleaning process, you will probably spend only 50 hours in one year. Therefore, ensure to buy one that has a rate of 500 hours. The 500 hours means that the machine can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance.

The best rate should be 2000 hours and above if you want the machine for commercial purposes. The only consideration is that the better machine maintenance, the higher its life expectancy.

3. The horsepower of the pressure washer

The machine’s horsepower refers to the amount of power your motor or engine needs for cleaning a surface. The higher the horsepower, the higher the volumes or pressure. Generally, large engines have higher horsepower, hence more powerful. The more powerful a machine is, the quicker the cleaning job. The opposite is also true. Low horsepower means slow cleaning processes. Thus, the type of washer you pick should depend on your needs.

4. The pounds per square inch present in a pressure washer

Generally, in the market, you will find that most machines have a PSI of 1000 and above. The PSI determines the amount of pressure you may need for cleaning. The PSI you choose should coordinate with your cleaning needs.


The type of pressure washer you pick should match your needs and applications. For instance, if you want one for commercial purposes, you should consider one with 2000 hours and above life expectance. Furthermore, other factors such as horsepower, PSI, and type should also matter.