Grilling Shrimp Like a Pro with Meater Probe

Grilling Shrimp Like a Pro with Meater Probe

Grilling shrimp can be a breeze, especially when you've got the meater probe by your side.


Here's how to grill shrimp to perfection in simple steps:

Get Ready

Gather your stuff: fresh shrimp, your favorite marinade or seasoning, skewers, Meater probe, grill or grill pan, cooking oil or spray, tongs, and a plate for the magic finish.

Fire It Up

Preheat your grill to medium-high heat, around 350-400°F (175-200°C). Make sure those grill grates are clean and a tad oily to keep the shrimp from sticking.

Flavor Town

Give your shrimp some love with your chosen marinade or seasoning. You can't go wrong with zesty combos like olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and herbs or a spicy Cajun kick. Toss the shrimp around to coat them evenly.

Skewer Action

Skewer those seasoned shrimp. Keep them spaced out and comfy on the skewers. This makes them grill evenly.

Meater Prepping

Stick the Meater Probe into one of the bigger shrimp. Make sure the tips are in the middle. The meater probe will be your temperature guide.

Grill Time

Pop those shrimp on the grill grates and shut the lid. Grill them for a few minutes – usually 2-3 minutes per side will do the trick. Flip them halfway through for a spot-on cook.

Temp Watch

Keep an eye on the Meater app or Meater Block. It'll tell you the inside scoop on your shrimp's temperature. Shrimp are good to go at 145°F (63°C). The Meater Probe will ping you when they hit that mark.

Plate and Chill

When the Meater Probe gives you the green light, use tongs to take the shrimp off the grill. Pop them on a plate and give them a little foil blanket for a breather. This helps the juices spread out, so you get juicy, flavor-packed shrimp.

Serve It Up

Your perfectly grilled shrimp are ready to shine. They're ace as an appetizer, in a salad, or as the star of any seafood dish. Sprinkle some fresh herbs or squeeze a lemon for an extra flavor punch.


With the meater probe, nailing grilled shrimp is a walk in the park. Say goodbye to shrimp that are too done or not done enough. This clever tool makes grilling shrimp a breeze and lets you flaunt your kitchen prowess. Grill on, my friend!