Perfect Bra for Every Day of the Week

Perfect Bra for Every Day of the Week

Although, we might be in the mood for a sexy and revealing bra on special occasions, but realistically we wear full coverage bras much more often than the sexy uncomfortable bras. This is why, to make sure that a woman has a full array of designs and comforts in the bra drawer, it is as important to go shopping for full figure bras as it is to go shopping for the sexy lingerie.

In this article, this is why the benefits of full figure bras will be reinstated, so that you do not feel ashamed in opting for the comfortable and easy option from your bra wardrobe.

What Even is A Full Figure Bra?

However, before we begin to state the benefits, let’s first begin with the basics. Any bra that covers the entire breast tissue and covers the cleavage is a full coverage or full figure bra. Such bras are usually worn under shirts, blouses and other complete coverage upper wear, requiring no need to show off any cleavage.

Now that we know what a full figure bra even is, next benefits of wearing one can be shared:

It Supports Your Back

A full figure bra tends to have a lot of material than lacy bras. As a result, the full coverage offers more support to your breasts, and thereby removes any weight or strain on your back and shoulders. This is particularly beneficial for women with large breasts, as full figure bras can do most of the heavy lifting. The reason it does so is because full figure bras has a broad band and wide shoulder straps, both of which offer support to your back.

It Offers Proper Coverage

As evident from the name, a full figure bra is meant to provide complete coverage to your breasts. You do not have to worry about any slips or exposure of the cleavage because a full figure bra allows your entire breast tissue to be covered by the bra.

It Avoids Any Bulges to Occur

Although, a little fat can bulge out from the sides of the bra, but excessive bulging can be caused by inappropriate size choice. If you search smartly for the perfectly sized full figure bra, you can be sure that any spillage or bulge does not occur. Under smart blouses and formal shirts, such bulges can seem unattractive. This is why, choose the correct full figure bra and avoid any unwanted bulges.

It Offers Comfort!

Perhaps, the most relevant and important benefit of a full figure bra is that it offers comfort. The sense of comfort in a full figure bra is much greater than any other design. So, if you are looking to go about your day without worrying about any discomfort, strain and just forgetting about your boobs, then a full figure bra can offer all of that.


Having read the benefits of a full figure bra, we hope you are now wanting to buy one for yourself. As much as we wouldn’t like it, most of us spend our daily lives in a boring and mundane way. So to offer take care of our breasts on these boring and mundane days, a full figure bra is the perfect option. It offers coverage as well as support to your breasts, without being too burdensome on your wallet.